Terms and conditions of sales conditions

The following terms and conditions of sale and delivery apply to all offers made by Christian Winecellars B.V.. The conditions are accessible to anyone on our website. By request we will send you a hardcopy.

1. Prices

All prices are quoted in euros. All prices are exclusive of VAT and shipping, unless stated otherwise. Prices quoted in different currencies on this website merely serve to give an indication, and are subject to changes to the exchange rate.

2. Price changes

Christan Winecellars B.V. reserves the right to apply price changes and correct any errors at all times. If an order placed by the client is subject to such a price change, the client shall be entitled to cancellation free of charge. Christian Winecellars B.V. can never be held liable for any resulting damages.

3. VAT/Duty

Recipients of our products with a shipping address outside of the Netherlands must pay any due sales tax/VAT and import duties as relevant in the country where said address is located.

4. Availability

All offers by Christian Winecellars B.V. are free of engagement and they are made with the reservation of availability of the product. When inadvertently a product is no longer in stock we will inform you as soon as possible. Christian Winecellars B.V. can never be held liable for any resulting damages.

5. Payment

Payment must be made immediately after the order has been made, including any shipping costs. If payment has not been received after 7 days, we reserve the right to cancel the order. It is also possible to pay cash on delivery. The date of delivery/pick-up will be appointed in consultation with the client.

6. Deliveries

Christian Winecellars B.V. will only ship orders on the basis of advance and completed payment, including shipping costs.

7. Shipment

Christian Winecellars B.V. is happy to co-ordinate the shipment on your behalf. You will receive a cost estimate for your approval prior to shipment. The expected delivery times as stated on the website and in the order confirmation are merely an indication and shall not be binding. Christian Winecellars B.V. is never liable for any damages resulting from delays in the delivery of the products. By request shipment can be fully insured. If no insurance is taken out, damages are a result of shipment are at the risk of the client.

8. Receipt

Upon receipt, the client must check the delivery for damage or missing products without delay. Any complaints must be reported to the transporter immediately. Also, any complaints need to be submitted via e-mail to Cristian Winecellars B.V. within 24 hours. After 24 hours we are no longer liable for any complaints.

9. Guarantee

We handle our wines with care during purchasing, storage and transport. We cannot be held responsible for the state and conditions of wines, for instance taste and cork failure.

10. Cancellation

Clients may cancel their order before it is shipped or picked up. Because we deal in perishable goods, subsequent  cancellation is not possible.

11. Complaints

If you are not satisfied with the products of Christian Winecellars B.V., please contact us immediately, either by phone or via email. We will deal with your complaints without delay and we will try to find a solution that satisfies you. 

12. Personal data

An personal data that we collect to finish your order are treated as strictly confidential and will not be made available to third parties. By ordering from Christian Winecellars B.V. you confirm that you have reached the minimum age of 18 years old.

13.  Website

The web addresses www.christianwinecellars.com and www.verkoopuwwijn.nl are owned by Christian Winecellars B.V..

14. Law

All our contracts are subject to the Law of the Netherlands and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Dutch courts. The amount of any damages to be paid can never exceed the value of the products ordered and delivered to you. The Dutch text of these Terms and Conditions are always leading for their interpretation. 

These Terms and Conditions are deposited at Kamer van Koophandel, 2. October under number 58867848.