When describing the bottles offered by us, we use the following abbreviations to give you as much information as possible about the bottle in question.

Fill level:

IN. - Into Neck

B.N. - Base Neck

V.T.S. - Very Top Shoulder

T.S. - Top Shoulder

U.S. Upper Shoulder

M.S. - Mid Shoulder

L.S. - Low Shoulder


G.L. - Good Label: label is in undamaged condition.

V.S.S.L. - Very Slightly Stained Label: label has very minor stain or discoloration.

S.S.L. - Slightly Stained Label: Label has light spots or contamination on the label.

S.L. - Stained Label: Label has obvious contamination or stains on the label.

V.S.D.L. - Very Slightly Damaged Label: label has very little damage.

S.D.L - Slightly Damaged Label: label has light damage.

D.L. - Damaged Label: label is damaged.


There are also a number of abbreviations that occur:

OHK / OWC - Original Wooden Case: bottles include the original chateau case.

OC - ​​Original Carton: bottles include the original box.

Mc - Mise Chateau: original bottling on chateau.

Neg - Negociant: filling by trader, especially in old Bordeaux and Burgundy wines.

N.V. - Non Vintage: no year, especially used by Champagne.