In describing the offered bottles we use the following abbreviations to give information about the product.

Filling level Bordeaux

1: I.N. – Into Neck

2: B.N. – Base Neck

3: V.T.S. – Very Top Shoulder

4: T.S. – Top Shoulder

5: U.S. – Upper Shoulder

6: M.S. – Mid Shoulder

7: L.S. – Low Shoulder

Wijnfles hals


Filling level Burgundy

In connection with the shape of the bottle, the filling level in bottles of Burgundy is displayed in the number of centimeters below the cork.



G.L. – Good Label

V.S.S.L. – Very Slightly Stained: Label

S.S.L. – Slightly Stained Label

S.L. – Stained Label

V.S.D.L. – Very Slightly Damaged Label

S.D.L – Slightly Damaged Label

D.L. – Damaged Label


Furthermore, there are still a number of abbreviations, which occur:

O.W.C. – Original Wooden Case

O.C. – Original Carton

Mc – Mise Chateau

Neg – Negociant

N.V. – Non Vintage